Digital Story Booklet Introduction

Designing Your Own “Book Character”

In this activity, you will use our custom drawing application to design your very own “Book Character.” A “Book Character” is a character that is also a book, just like Buddy the Book®! Learn more about Buddy in our free online eBook HERE.

Imagine yourself or another individual as a book. What does this character look like? What story will they share with their readers? Then, design your “Book Character” with our custom drawing application. Check out some example characters on the next slide!

Example “Book Character” Designs

Below are some example character designs to help you come up with ideas. Click HERE to see more design ideas in our recent blog post.

Our Design Tool

You can use our Story Booklet Design Tool to create your character:

Draw: Use this tool to draw directly onto your booklet. You can use the undo/redo buttons and delete function to make changes to your drawings.

Stickers: Use premade stickers to add features to your character. There are several categories with multiple stickers in each one, such as eyes, nose, mouth, hair, and more!

Import: You can import one or more images to use with your digital Story Booklet in a similar way as the stickers.

Thanks for trying our app!

What’s the Story?

It is time to tell your “Book Character’s” story! Who are they? What does your character want to share with their readers? They are a book, after all. Use one of our Physical Story Booklets to write your own text.

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